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Learn How a New Grower With No Electrical Experience Built a CFL Grow Light. In a Few Hours! #

"Over 80% of CFL grows yield skimpy harvests of fluffy buds, with little potency, no density and zero bag appeal."  


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The name's Rob. Robert Narley.

No, I'm not related to the famous icon, Mr. Marley! My last name is actually pronounced:  (Nur-leigh)

Nowhere close to being a celebrity! I'm just an author, "newbie" gardener and computer geek, from good ole' Los Angeles, California. Home of Hollywood stars, beaches, babes, surfing, and most of all.....West Cost Weed!

So let me just clarify this: I LOVE to smoke.

I must have my herb on a daily basis. And I know that I'm not the only one!

But my love of Cannabis has become a huge problem for me, as it probably has for you too. Even if you don't realize it yet.

It's not hard to find a Cannabis delivery or dispensary in your neighborhood, or a street dealer in your area, if you live in Southern California. Yes, I'm proud to say  that there is no shortage of our beloved "happy hay" here.

But there is a HUGE problem starting to sweep California. And many  other states and countries around the world: MANY people are having problems getting ACCESS to Cannabis. 

Not only healthy people who "just want to get high," but also people who are sick, suffering and dealing with the drawbacks of chronic illness. Those who are terminally ill are also having problems obtaining this natural, "God given" plant! But I digress...

You see, the problem is NOT about access. Pretty much all over the country there's access to Mary Jane!  People can always buy it, whether its legal or not. The epic failure of the "War on Drugs " has proven that, has it not? The black market for weed thrives, no matter what "they" try to do. The REAL problem is the extremely high cost of weed on the black market, in "legal" retail shops and medical dispensaries!  


FACT: "According to RECENT statistics by a survey conducted on "registered" medical marijuana patients, the average medical marijuana 'patient' consumes on average, one gram of Cannabis per day."


Let's do the math on that, shall we?  (1 gram X 30 days) X  $15 / $20  =  $450 / $600 per month.  At an average cost of $15-$20 per gram, that amounts to the average person spending a staggering $450 to $600 per month. On weed alone!

FACT: "The average medical marijuana patient spends on average: $450 to $600 per month!

What could YOU do with $450-$600 every month?

    Drive a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche or other sport / luxury vehicle!
    Invest in a business or rental property
    Renovate or re-decorate your home
    Take that long-awaited vacation to the Islands, or Hawaii, or Mexico, or wherever you choose!
    Replace your entire wardrobe.

     Have fun with friends and family without worrying about money!       
     Get out of DEBT!

I'm sure you can think of a ton of things to do OTHER than spending your hard-earned money buying weed. A plant. Something that even YOU can grow. Virtually free. Just take a seed, plant it in the ground, learn to water and feed it and give it  light. It's THAT simple.

  Can you recall the most mind-altering, dank, ultra-stinky, heavy-hitting, munchy-inducing smoke you ever had?  Well, if you didn't grow it yourself, chances BOUGHT IT.

What if you could grow the best weed you ever had in your life, for just pennies per gram? Would you?  What if you grow your own, and you used CFL lighting, but were sadly disappointed come harvest time, as more than half of CFL growers are? Would you be open to trying again with PROVEN guidance? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, the "DIYers Guide to Building a CFL Grow Light" is THE solution for you.  I personally guarantee it! 

Back to my story....

 One day, it really hit me....the amount of money I was foolishly spending on my favorite herb. And I wasn't the so-called "average patient." I smoke no more than one gram per week, not one gram per day ! Since I've been smoking for the last 19 years, that totals up to more than $19,760 on Marijuana!? OUCH.

I've spent almost $20,000 on weed in the last 19 years? What a total waste of my hard-earned, heavily taxed money! 

I was getting absolutely nowhere fast, financially, buy spending money on Cannabis! Something had to be done. Besides that, most of the weed nowadays is weak and not worth the price. I don't smoke a lot, so why would the stuff have no effect on me?

Because dispensaries and dealers are often more concerned about selling huge quantities than growing and providing quality!

So one day in 2012, I decided enough is enough. I vowed to NEVER, EVER buy weed again .That day started my long journey of researching how to grow and what to use. I profiled 100 or more CFL growers to find out what they were doing WRONG. I became utterly obsessed with learning the ins and outs of their grows. I HAD to find the answer to my burning question: "Is it impossible to get pro-quality or medical-quality buds, just by using CFL lights?"

Why are so many weed growers using CFLs not getting the results they want?

The answer totally eluded me. 

Sleep? What's that?! I literally AVOIDED sleep for about 4 months, and used my spare time to trying to create the "perfect device." Cash to spend? I had none! I had no choice but to use the tools and parts I had laying around my house. They say necessity is the mother of ingenuity. I guess it was. I was in a sink or swim situation. So I chose to swim for life.

I had no choice BUT to make it happen.

I had to grow my own weed, or not smoke at all. 
What I grew had to be as good as, or better than what I could buy locally. (easier said than done)
I had to save a LOT of money by growing my own, or it wouldn't be worth my time.
I had to race against time; the federal and local governments were closing down licensed medical shops everywhere.

Here I was with very little gardening experience (less than one year), several months of weed growing experience, and less than $50 to invest in my light.....including the bulbs! Who the heck was I kidding? A low-cost, $40 CFL grow light? Made with parts you can find in your garage and nearest Walmart? So easy to make, that a 12-year old can do home? Yeah, I was crazy.

I figured there's no way such a cheap, DIY grow light can grow buds even remotely comparable to what I've been paying $15-$20 a gram for. Not even a chance.

Guess what? I didn't care! I decided I'd see it through. I'm stubborn as hell. I made a plan, put together the parts and  built my CFL grow light within 24 hours. Spent another few days refining it. I then used it to produce my very first harvest.

I wasn't expecting much. All the advice and information I've gotten was telling me to get about three harvests under my belt before I start getting top-notch buds. Fair enough. I was hoping to AT LEAST get valuable experience for the next round of growing. I knew my CFL grow light couldn't come close to replacing what I've been buying for years......

Boy was I wrong! 

My very first harvest with my homemade CFL grow light totally blew me away!



Buy this CFL grow light guide, and grow buds like this and more!

Grown with a CFL grow light system!

Close-up LSD buds...grown with a compact fluorescent grow light!

Yup, a CFL grow reflector grew these glistening Super Skunk flowers.

You got it. A CFL grow light reflector shines on this B.F. LSD plant.

Compliments of the info you'll find in the DIY CFL grow light guide.

Super Skunk buds, made with a DIY CFL grow light!

buds grown with a CFL grow light reflector!

A CFL grow light system grew this Northern Lights monster!

Several weeks after my very first harvest, I began taking 'samples' to the dispensaries in the L.A. area.

I introduced the strains to various "clubs" that I am a member of, and explained that it was my 1st grow. I also mentioned that everything was grown under CFL lighting. NONE of them believed me. They all argued that I didn't grow it myself, or claimed that I HAD to have used an HPS or Metal Halide, because "CFLs don't grow bud like that ."

Every medical marijuana collective or dispensary that I visited in L.A. didn't believe my buds were CFL-grown.

I knew I was onto something big! Here I am in California, home of the "weed snobs," and they are denying my little humble harvest was CFL-grown! Whodathunk? So what did I do? I  decided to write a book and share my knowledge with the world. "The DIY'ers Guide to Building a CFL Grow Light."

If a person with less than two years gardening experience can do this, why can't YOU?


I guarantee that by reading this book and following the step-by-step instructions, you can easily build your own CFL grow light. Even if you have NO electrical experience at all! I am extremely confident that you'll be successful building your light, AND with my help, you WILL grow some of the best weed EVER!

I'm so confident that you will have success building your own pro-quality grow light, I will stand behind it with a 60-day, money back guarantee!Unable to build your light, even with our help? Get your money back!  It's that simple. And for less than $10, what DO you have to lose?



"I'm not spending $9.97 on this ebook."

So I assume you're not going to spend ANY more money on marijuana? No more grams? Eighths? Ounces? You're quitting cold-turkey? If you do plan on spending more money to buy weed, you'll be spending a lot more than $9.97, especially if you're in the "1 gram per day club."

At an average cost of $15-$20 per gram, that amounts to the AVERAGE person spending a staggering $450-$600 per month, on weed alone!  So what's worse: spending $9.97 and learning how to build a light that will pay for itself thousands of times over?  Or spending hundreds of dollars that you could be saving?


"I can't afford to build a grow light."

The estimated cost of parts to build a CFL grow light is $50 or less. Less if you have many of the needed parts laying around your home. More money if you have fewer parts laying around your home.  If you're serious about growing QUALITY Cannabis, $50 is actually too-good-to-be-true. Many people spend hundreds to thousands of dollars buying lighting, and never get the results they want.

Why not INVEST $50 or less, the same amount of money as buying an eighth of pot..that would be smoked up in a weekend! It costs LESS than $1.00 per GRAM, on average, to grow your own!  You actually can't afford NOT to build a grow light.


"I don't have time to read through an eBook."

Sorry, but don't expect to grow quality Cannabis without dedicating time into learning. Keep an open mind. This eBook was created with very simple to follow instructions, and pictures that carry you along virtually every step of the way. If you have an aversion to reading, allow the pictures to be more of your guide, and contact us for assistance to help you get your grow light done! We DO offer unlimited email tech support for eBook purchasers, so you always have help building your light...whenever you need!


"I am not an electrician."

I'm the worst "electrician" you'll ever meet. Why? Because I'm not an electrician, either. The only "electrical" experience that I have, is slicing wires to connect my home stereo to my speakers, and connecting audio wires. That's it!

Having former electrical experience could make you feel more confident during the process, but it's not necessary. By following the step-by-step instructions and picture illustrations, I assure you that building your light is not as intimidating as it seems. Its low-maintenance "set and forget" design takes just hours to make, but can last for years!

"I'm not comfortable using a credit card online."

"We assure you that all purchase transactions are secure, and are encrypted using the HTTPS protocol. HTTPS further ensures the credit card information you submit, is not seen by any third party, not even by the staff at

The details of your purchase are privy to you and the merchant responsible for processing your transaction. Furthermore, you have the option of choosing the familiar "Paypal" as your merchant; one of the most secure payment portals in existence.

"I don't like working with metal and power tools."

This grow light uses absolutely NO metal parts (other than hardware, screws and bolts) and you absolutely don't need ANY power tools at all.As a matter of fact, the parts used to build this particular CFL grow light are mostly plastic and reinforced plastic.

This grow light can be built by nearly anyone willing to invest the time and effort; no expensive tools, or body armor required! Furthermore, you will be supporting the environment by building a light made of mostly recyclable materials.


"I don't grow Cannabis but I DO grow other plants."

The DIYers Guide to Building a CFL Grow Light" WAS NOT just written for people interested in growing Cannabis plants! As a matter of fact, I and my staff successfully use our grow lights to grow other plants, fruits and vegetables; including cucumbers, peppers, radishes, strawberries, tomatoes, squash, and so much more!

The only limit to what you can "grow" with your DIY grow light is the amount of space you have to work with. The more space you have, the more options you have as far as choosing what to grow.

Your light can be used for houseplants as a supplement to sunlight, or as a powerful source of lighting to grow plump, juicy, healthy produce at just pennies per pound! Try it for yourself and see. We guarantee it will work for you or your money back!



WAIT! There's even more in store when you buy TODAY!

#Pay just $9.97 for the tutorial today, and save up to $7,200 or more, per year. On weed!

#Grow connossieur-quality medical Cannabis yourself, for only pennies per gram!   

#Get proven support and advice directly from me, the author himself! No need to go to other sources for tips that can kill your grow.

#Free updates forever after your purchase! Whenever the tutorial is updated with new ideas to improve the design or operation of your grow light.

#Unlimited email tech support to assist you, 12 hours per day! Chat support available also when needed!

# Free copy of bonus eBooks as they are released (i.e. "Making a foolproof growbox for clones.")

#Unlimited growing tips from yours truly, via email. Get help growing your award-winning buds.

#Build your grow light, Risk Free! Compliments of our unbeatable 60-day, money back guarantee!






Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

60 Days Risk Free!

If, after following the step-by-step instructions and illustrations outlined in this tutorial eBook, and utilizing the support offered by the staff at; you are unable to successfully build your CFL grow light, we will gladly refund your money in full, for a time period of up to 60-days following your initial purchase. 

Simply contact us via our website and explain your particular experience with crafting your grow light; we'll work to remedy it immediately. We guarantee your satisfaction with our product and with our ongoing desire to not only meet, but to quickly exceed your expectations.


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